Gilwell 24 2017

Gilwell 24 is a unique event starting at 9am on the Saturday Morning and ending 24 hours later at 9am on the Sunday.

During the 24 hours there are non-stop activities including; Climbing, Discos, a Ninja Warrior course, Zip Lines, 3G Swing…. the list goes on and on…

While at Gilwell, I helped out the content / communications team by taking a few photos of the event.

Here are my favourites;

Gilwell 24 - Ninja Warrior

Ninja Warrior Course

Gilwell 24 Sunset

Gilwell Sunset

Gilwell 24 Disco

Gilwell 24 Disco

Gilwell 24 - Closing Ceremony

Gilwell 24 – Closing Ceremony


The full gallery of photos I took during the weekend can be found here:

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